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La Stampa quotes us in a special article on the four new electronic gates installed in the municipality of Pietraporzio.
Here is the full article:

Pietraporzio is the first example in the mountain town Granda 'Smart City' ( smart city), using new technologies to improve safety. He did it with an installation project of four electronic gates, equipped with video surveillance cameras and for reading the vehicle number plates, webcam, wi-fi service and information panels, in as many access points to the town. Three were mounted at the intersections of local roads with the main road towards the hill of the Maddalena, one on the road leading into the valley of Piz, one of the favorite destinations for ski touring enthusiasts. The display received information about road conditions (Opening p less than international crossing) and the avalanche danger. Two other cameras are on the village square.

To implement the project for the City (investment of 50 mila euro), The "Techno World" that has already taken care of the video surveillance system 13 electronic gates in the historic center of Cuneo.

Residents are 77

«Pietraporzio ha 77 residen­ti, most elderly, but in summer there are hundreds of tourists -says the Mayor, Marco Frigerio -. This initiative meets the security needs, Information and offers a full cover-up area of ​​wi-fi for internet access. The system will be boosted by the summer, with others 4 gates to Pontebernardo ".

At the intersection of Ponte Marmora summer same control system in the countries of the high Maira Valley

It will be activated by the summer an electronic gate in Ponte Marmora, at the intersection of the road from where begins the branch to Marmora and Canosio, passage for vehicles in high Maira Valley. The functions are identical to those of the already operating system in Pietraporzio: video surveillance, license plate up to 150 km per hour with perfect resolution, wi-fi service and webcam. All connected in real time with the central law enforcement. Besides Marmora and Canosio, participating in the project and the municipalities of Prazzo Acceglio. expense 20 mila euro, divided into equal parts.

Ztl in Cuneo
from March passes for the Historic Center

Continuing meetings in the town hall on the new Ztl, coordinated by the Councillor for Mobility and David Dalmasso with several offices contributions. In March it will begin the distribution of residents spent (coupons with devices nticontraffazione) which will be notified by the City. Currently residents in the historic center are 3.800, per 2.160 famiglie. The old pass, non . longer valid, they were 1.890. The coming on stream of the night Ztl, controllata of 13 electronic gates, It will be between April and May. Compared to the past will be far fewer passes for non-residents (by traders to the companies suppliers) also because the night will Ztl, but the final schedule has not yet been established. Furthermore, to meet the needs of street dealers Virginio, the hypothesis of an "early termination" of the electronic gate, to allow access to the night and the street of the square operators, without the need to pass.